Tunes in the Flat Keys

Learn some tunes in the less well known 'flat' keys of F, Eb, Ab and Dmin to name a few!

Tunes in the Flat Keys is a series of lessons focusing on learning tunes that are not the most popular, as they are often considered harder, when quite often they aren’t.

Having said that there will be some challenging work to get your teeth into!

This series of lessons will be pitched at the intermediate to advanced player, although improving learners may find some of the tips and lessons attainable.



Alistair McCulloch

Your Tutor - Alistair McCulloch

Alistair McCulloch hails from Ayr in Scotland and is one of the country’s best known fiddle performers, teachers and composers with many appearances on radio and television. Past winner of many fiddle championships, Alistair is fiddle instructor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
The Alistair McCulloch Trio features Aaron Jones of Old Blind Dogs, and former Capercaillie whistle wizard Marc Duff. His playing has seen him confirmed “as one of the finest fiddlers and composers of his generation” by The Living Tradition.

Lessons in the Series

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violin scroll on music

1. Lady Charlotte Bruce’s Favourite

The First lesson in the series on tunes in flat keys begins with one from the 18th century and written by Nathaniel Gow in the key of F Major.   This Post

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2. Violet Tulloch’s Hornpipe

Alistair looks at a great tune written by the incredible fiddler Tom Anderson from Shetland for the amazing pianist Violet Tulloch.   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

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3. Sally Kelly

Alistair next focuses on a tune in Dminor from the Buttery Collection of the early 19th century.   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

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