Traditional & Contemporary Shetland Music

Learn some fantastic tunes from the islands to the far North

The Traditional & Contemporary Shetland Music course is for those players wishing to expand their repertoire with tunes unique to the Shetland Isles. The course is pitched at Intermediate and slightly above level of ability.

Learn the history of the tunes, before the different types of bowing and embellishments often found in Shetland music.


Course Syllabus & Structure

TitleLesson Length
Da Caald Nights O Winter25m 25s
Da Fields O Foula34m 48s

Each lesson is split into 4 or 5 clips depending on the type of tune. 

This could be:
1. A Brief Intro and Play Through
2. A tutorial on the ‘A’ Section
3. A tutorial on the ‘B’ Section
4. A tutorial on ornamentation.

Kevin Henderson

Your Tutor -

Kevin Henderson is regarded as one of Shetlands finest fiddle players and is in hot demand playing with some of the best known groups and musicians in the folk music scene. He is a founding member of award winning Shetland powerhouse, Fiddlers’ Bid, has been a member of folk music legends, Boys of the Lough, since 2001, a member of Scottish super group Session A9 since 2004 and co-founded the Nordic Fiddlers Bloc in 2009.

Kevin Henderson - Fiddle

Lesson 1. Da Caald Nights O Winter

Kevin begins his course of Shetland tunes by looking at a traditional piece from the island of Whalsay, called “Da Caald Nights O Winter”.   This Post is only available to subscribed

ornamental violin

Lesson 2. Da Fields O Foula

The next tune in Kevin’s course on Contemporary and Traditional Music from Shetland is a traditional jig called “Da Fields O Foula”.   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

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