Pipe Tunes on Whistle

This series forms a great link between the pipes and the whistle, taught by one of the finest exponents of both!

The Pipe Tunes on Whistle series is for the advanced player looking to extend their repertoire with some challenging tunes more commonly associated with the pipes.

Taught on a Low D Whistle the series is most suited to any D whistle, though tips and tricks extend to any whistle.

Downloadable sheet music is available for all tunes.

Ross Ainslie

Your Tutor - Ross Ainslie

Ross Ainslie is one of Scotland’s finest traditional musicians and composers, playing pipes, whistles and cittern. He is renowned for his highly acclaimed solo material, and as a skilled performer and prolific collaborator who performs regularly with bands Treacherous Orchestra – of which he is a founding member – Salsa CelticaDougie MacleanAli HuttonJarlath HendersonCharlie MckerronTim EdeyHamish Napier, India Alba and has performed with Kate RusbyBlue Rose CodeZakir HussainTrilok GurtuCapercaillieShoogleniftyCarl BaratPaponKarsh KaleFlookBreabachSoumik Datta and Patsy Reid.

Lessons in the Series - more coming soon!

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Ross Ainslie

1. Susan Lazell’s

Ross’s first tune in this series is a lesser known tune from his mentor, the late, great piper Gordon Duncan.   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

Ross Ainslie Whistle

2. The Gathering

Next up from Ross is another lesser known tune from his teacher, the great Gordon Duncan.   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

Whistle on manuscript

3. The Famous Baravan

Another of Gordon Duncan’s tunes, this time one named after the converted caravan that used to accompany the Scottish Gas Pipe Band on trips to competitions!   This Post is only available

Whistle on manuscript

4. Something for Gordon

This time Ross looks at a tune in honour of his teacher Gordon Duncan. Ross wrote it in collaboration with his good friend Jarlath Henderson a few years ago.   This Post

ornamental violin

5. Lullaby for Mel

Ross next teaches a lovely slow air he wrote originally on the pipes but has recorded on the whistle as it sits very well on both instruments.   This Post is only

Musical Notes

6. Jock Brown’s 70th

Next up Ross looks at another tune from his mentor, the late, great Gordon Duncan. Ross reminisces about the tune’s origins from his younger days, before teaching it.   This Post is

Whistle on manuscript

7. The High Drive

Ross turns his attention to one of the most popular tunes in the trad tune repertoire right now, The High Drive by Gordon Duncan. Although most people play it as a 2

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