Lower Intermediate Whistle

Build your confidence and skills on the whistle

The Lower Intermediate Whistle course follows on nicely from the previous course – Whistle for Improvers.

Many of the pieces taught are firm favourites on the session scene and so known throughout the land.

Whilst teaching the melodies to the tunes, a lot of attention is given to technique and embellishments, including tongue articulation and pats, cuts and rolls.

Downloadable sheet music is available for every lesson.

5 whistle players
Calum MacCrimmon

Your Tutor - Calum MacCrimmon

Calum MacCrimmon is a whistle player, piper and tutor based in Glasgow.  Perhaps best known as a founding member of the multi award winning folk band Breabach, he additionally performs and writes with groups such as Tryst, Man’s Ruin, Grit Orchestra, Seudan and The Unusual Suspects.  Calum received a nomination for Composer of the Year at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2012 – revered for tunes such as ‘Knees Up in Hanoi’ and ‘Under the Influence’.

Lessons in the Course

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Calum MacCrimmon

Lesson 1. The Bonnie Isle of Whalsay

A reel from Shetland in A Major called “The Bonnie Isle of Whalsay” is Calum’s focus in the first of his lessons in the Lower Intermediate course. Although in A Major, it

ornamental violin

Lesson 2. McKechnie’s Farewell

Calum’s next tune in this lower intermediate course is a reel from accordionist John Somerville, who happens to be a fellow tutor of The Scottish Music Academy.   This Post is only

Calum MacCrimmon

Lesson 3. The Lochaber Badger

Calum moves on to a very popular reel which he teaches in the key of BMinor, as it sits nicely on the D Whistle in this key.   This Post is only


Lesson 4. The Harris Dance

Calum next teaches a traditional reel written in the late 18th century and named after one of the Outer Hebridean islands.   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

Calum MacCrimmon

Lesson 5. Jenny Dang The Weaver

This piece is known throughout the world at sessions so a great tune to learn. In the Key of D Major, it can be played focusing on rolls or tongue articulations.  

Whistle on manuscript

Lesson 7. The High Road to Linton

Next on Calum’s course is the ever popular High Road to Linton, again very popular on the session scene.   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

Red Treble Clef

Lesson 8. The Traditional Reel

Calum looks at a tune simply called The Traditional Reel; why waste time thinking up a witty title? 😜   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

5 whistle players

Lesson 10. Calum’s Road

Calum’s final lesson in this course looks at one of the most popular slow pieces written by the brilliant Donald Shaw.   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

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