Intermediate Trad Guitar: Melody & Chords

Learn to play melodies and some of the chords that can be used to accompany them

The Intermediate Trad Guitar: Melodies & Chords course is aimed for the guitar player who is familiar with common chords, but willing to learn new ones.

Five melodies are taught and and different chord options are suggested that form the basis of accompanying many other tunes.

This course is a good follow up to the “Next Steps for Guitarists” course.

Course Intro

Jenn Butterworth

Your Tutor - Jenn Butterworth

Jenn Butterworth is one of the most notable folk guitarists in the UK acoustic music scene.  She currently holds the title ‘Musician of the Year’ from the Scots Trad Music Awards, and was nominated for the same title in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.  She has been a key member of a range of high profile folk music projects, including Ross Ainslie and Ali Hutton’s SYMBIOSIS Big Band, award winning folk powerhouse Kinnaris Quintet, and recently a member of folk supergroup ‘Songs of Separation’ involving an array of prominent folk artists including Eliza Carthy, Lady Maisery and Karine Polwart

Lessons in Course

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Lesson 1. Many A Thing I Saw

Jenn Butterworth gives a brief introduction to the course before covering the D Major scale and then the tune “Many A Thing I Saw”.   This Post is only available to subscribed

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Lesson 2. Miss Campbell of Sheerness

Jenn’s second lesson in her series looks in great detail at the jig Miss Campbell of Sheerness; a great tune in the key of E Minor.     This Post is only


Lesson 3. Out on the Ocean

Jenn now moves on to the jig Out on the Ocean, a favourite session tune. She teaches the melody and a couple of chord options for this piece.   This Post is

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Lesson 4. Drummond Castle

The next piece in Jenn’s intermediate course is Drummond Castle. The castle was named after Sir John Drummond, the laird who built it, who was a descendant of Sir Malcolm Drummond who


Lesson 5. The Ale is Dear

Next up in Jenn’s Intermediate Trad Guitar course is a reel in the key of B Minor called The Ale is Dear; all too commonplace these days 😉   This Post is

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