Intermediate Fiddle

Learn some classic tunes and lesser known ones in this course pitched for the intermediate player​

The Intermediate Fiddle Course is aimed at those who can already play the fiddle and are looking to expand upon their repertoire and technique.

The keys covered in the course are ones that most will be familiar with including – G, D and A Major, and perhaps some newer keys including E and B Minor.

Different styles of tune are also covered including a Retreat March, Reels, Jigs and Strathspeys, with downloadable sheet music for each.

Alistair McCulloch

Your Tutor - Alistair McCulloch

Alistair McCulloch hails from Ayr in Scotland and is one of the country’s best known fiddle performers, teachers and composers with many appearances on radio and television. Past winner of many fiddle championships, Alistair is fiddle instructor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
The Alistair McCulloch Trio features Aaron Jones of Old Blind Dogs, and former Capercaillie whistle wizard Marc Duff. His playing has seen him confirmed “as one of the finest fiddlers and composers of his generation” by The Living Tradition.

Lessons in Course

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Lesson 1. Miss Stewart of Grandtully

Alistair begins the course by teaching a piece by one Scotland’s master fiddlers Niel Gow in one of the styles of music most closely associated with Scotland – the Strathspey. He delves

Alistair McCulloch - Fiddle Tutor

Lesson 2. Struy Lodge

In this lesson Alistair teaches the bagpipe reel Struy Lodge by Willie Ross of The Scots Guards. Alistair takes the piece step by step before teaching some ornamentations that can be added

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Lesson 3. Miss Campbell of Sheerness

Alistair looks at the first jig in the course – Miss Campbell of Sheerness. A great jig in E minor often played at sessions. Again, he breaks the tune down before looking


Lesson 4. The Stronsay Waltz

Alistair slows the tempo a little and looks at a lovely Orcadian waltz composed by Pye Chalmers, popular on the session scene.   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

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Lesson 6. Donald Shaw and Margaret

Alistair teaches another reel, this time one written in the 19th century which appears in the recently republished Elizabeth Ross manuscripts (found here).Elizabeth Ross was the Laird of Raasay’s niece and her

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Lesson 7. Leaving Glasgow

Alistair changes tempo and teaches a slow air this time – Leaving Glasgow.It’s a gaelic piece called Fàgail Ghlaschu, which translates as Farewell to Glasgow, although it is more commonly known as


Lesson 8. Christmas Rose

Alistair plays a 3/4 Retreat March named after a flower pulled from the snow on Christmas Day.   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

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Lesson 9. Miss Farquarson of Invercauld

Alistair teaches another Strathspey, this time from the pen of William Marshall of Fochabers who was born in 1748.   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

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Lesson 10. The Eavesdropper

This time Alistair turns his attention to a very melodic jig called The Eavesdropper.   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login


Lesson 11. The Herra Boys

Alistair looks at another March this time, The Herra Boys, written by Pat Shuldham Shaw, who is more well known for the tune Margaret’s Waltz.   This Post is only available to

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Lesson 12. Harris Dance

Alistair finishes his Intermediate course looking at a Hebridean Reel called Harris Dance.   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

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