Classic Repertoire

Each month a new tune will be added to develop everyone's repertoire regardless of the instrument you play

The Classic Repertoire series will grow and develop over time to be a stock or bank of tunes that are commonly played across the country and beyond.

Regardless of what instrument you play, you can play along to the tunes at different tempos, to gain confidence in playing them.

Many of the tunes are taught elsewhere on the site, should you wish to learn them in detail. Although they may be taught on a different instrument from the one you are used to playing, quite often the tips are transferable.


Classic Repertoire Listings

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Whistle on manuscript

Classic Rep – The Grinder

The first of our Classic Repertoire is a 9/8 jig called The Grinder, played by whistle wizard, Calum MacClennon. This Tune is taught by Calum as part of his Whistle for Improvers

Jenn Butterworth Guitar

Classic Rep – Off to California

Jenn Butterworth runs through this brilliant, bouncy hornpipe, though not before teaching it too!   This Post is only available to subscribed members. Login

Laura-Beth Salter Mandolin

Classic Rep – Waiting for the Federals

Laura-Beth Salter takes us through this classic tune, known by a few names, at three different tempos. To learn the tune phrase by phrase visit her lesson here, or Calum teaches it

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